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Still Congested…

She is sick again…what more can I do to prevent her, seemingly, constant runny, nose and congestion?

This is the second time in a few weeks she has gotten this. We got rid of if once and about a week later it was back. I suppose I should be grateful – and I am – that she doesn’t seem to be getting fully sick, meaning, no fevers, no out of ordinary crankiness or discomfort, no diarrhea or constipation, no concerning cough, etc. However, she does get a stuffy, runny nose that causes some issues.

Her nose gets stuffy to a point where she can’t drink from her bottle so she is fussy from hunger. And, she has a hard time getting to sleep because she currently relies pretty heavily on her pacifier which she can’t suck if she can’t breathe through her nose. Staying asleep gets tricky when she tries to breathe through her congestion and gets choked up.

I am taking what I think to be every necessary precaution I can think of:

  • I wash her bottles with hot, soapy water each night.
  • I send enough bottles to daycare for them to give her a new one at each feeding.
  • I spray our bed and linens with Lysol to kill any lingering germs each morning.
  • I wash her linens each weekend.
  • She gets a bath every night.
  • I throw her pacifiers in the wash each weekend (I rinse them in hot water and wipe them off each night).
  • I wipe her toys and surfaces down each night.
  • I wipe her face and hands off each day after picking her up from daycare. If she was barefoot that day, her feet also get wiped off – those toes are still making their way into her mouth some days.
  • Any clothes worn to daycare are thrown in the wash before being worn again even if they didn’t get messy.
  • When she has a runny nose, I am spraying saline solution into her nose and suctioning it out at least twice a day (morning and night).
  • When she is without a runny nose, I place a little saline on one end of a baby q-tip and clean her nose, then dry/clean her nostrils with the dry end.
  • We have a cool mist humidifier running throughout each night.

What am I missing? I didn’t mention, with the exception of the couple times she is given baby/pureed food, she is exclusively “breastfed” (she never actually took to the breast so I pump and bottle feed her). Because of that, I do my best to be sure I maintain a healthy diet (although I have read in some places that doesn’t matter a whole lot).

Perhaps I am doing too much? Perhaps there is no stopping the germs from hitting her regardless of my most fervent efforts. I know it is partly a good thing because she needs to build her immune system, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch her struggle to feed, or get to sleep with her pacifier before reaching a point of frustration. We won’t discuss what it takes to suction her nose as she totally, emphatically, hates it and screams bloody murder while fighting me the whole time.

I am not sure what else I can do to help her stay as healthy as possible (yes, while at the same time building a strong immune system). I thought we were in a good place until she got the runny nose again only a short time after her initial bout. The nurses at her doctor’s office essentially just ask me what I think the problem may be. The doctor’s I have taken her to see have told me her lungs/chest are clear, there is no ear infection and from their perspective I should just keep up with the saline and suctioning. Her teacher said it could be her teething, or the change in weather causing the annoyance. I suppose either is possible.

She will have her 9 month appointment with her doctor soon. Hopefully it will have cleared up by then, but if not, maybe we can gain more insight into what may be the issue. Until then, the brainstorming, and Google searching, will continue.

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