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There was an incident…

I didn’t know there was a form that had to be filled out and signed when children cross-contaminate toys.

I was dropping her off one morning when her teacher stopped me to tell me she was very sorry about an incident that occurred which she forgot to mention before. Honestly, I got scared and angry all at the same time. I didn’t know what was coming, but I was afraid it was something to the effect of my poor baby hitting her head, or something just as serious.

Instead, her teacher informed me that [apparently 3 days before based on when the other parent signed] my baby was on the floor and saw the teething toy of another child. She grabbed it and immediately put it in her mouth. Her teacher saw what happened, grabbed the toy, sanitized it and wiped my child’s mouth out. Following, a form was filled out to detail the incident and had to be signed by all parents.

Her teacher apologized profusely for not informing me sooner. I let her know it was okay – I suppose the occasional sharing of toys is to be expected in daycare settings. I was happy to hear it was only that.

Coincidentally, just the evening before, I had been beating myself up about what I could possibly have done to have her come down with a full on, pretty bad, cold. Who had I been around that passed the germs to me, and I to her? What am I not eating that can be transferred to my breastmilk to keep her healthy? I was starting to doubt all my work to keep her healthy – I was starting to doubt my own diet as I breastfeed. My concerns were put to rest knowing the child she “shared” the toy with had been quite sick for some time herself – something I noticed during drop offs. At least I knew then where the illness came from. Time to refocus…

She has been sick before but just a little runny nose and stuffiness. This time she developed a cough, a constantly runny nose, heavy congestion, fever, mild vomiting, the works. I was scouring the internet to find out what I could do to keep her comfortable, get her better ASAP and keep her healthy. I ended up following the usual routines – alternating Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours, using a humidifier regularly, trying my best to get her to take in fluids and food of any type, placing a cold washcloth on her head as she slept to manage the fever, and, most nights, holding her all night to keep her comfortable enough to get a restful sleep.

It was a long week of emergency doctor’s appointments and sleepless nights (for mommy) but we made it through. I understand she has to get sick, that doesn’t mean I have to like it – or stop searching for ways to keep her from getting sick while still developing her immune system.

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