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Another Sleep Regression

Here we are again, “hello old friend.” We have hit yet another sleep regression milestone. She is well into 10 months now and for the past week has decided she does not need to sleep. She is not napping at daycare as she used to and is falling asleep MUCH later at night.

Typically, we have our bedtime routine and she is rocked to sleep by 7. That didn’t work a few nights ago so I thought maybe she wanted to be in bed later.

Noting she fell asleep around 7:30 that first night, by around night 2 or 3, I tried to put her to bed at that time. Not that easy. She didn’t go to sleep that night until around 10. The night after that, around 9:30; the night after that I left her in bed to get herself to sleep around 8 and noticed she finally drifted off for good around 10:30/11.

I will say she may also be teething because I do see one more coming in slowly, but I think we have just hit another regression. We have been through them before, and they usually only last about 2-3 weeks, but those are long weeks…

I honestly mostly feel bad for her. No matter how late she goes to sleep, she still wakes at least twice to eat and I have to wake her in the morning for daycare. I just know her little body is tired all day 😦 Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do to pull her out of it. I just try to maintain our routine and snuggle with her in the dark, with her white noise, until she drifts off. From what I have seen and read, her overactive little brain just has to settle itself down so she can get some rest.

We are just getting into week 2 now, but I am hoping to get back to a steady bedtime soon. We may have to test a few out to see what time she wants to go to bed now. The last time she hit a regression her bedtime did get later than it was. Her later bedtime definitely pushes my bedtime back as I have a lot to do after she goes down. But what are we going to do? She is just being a baby 🙂

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