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Could It Be Abuse?

Is it possible they hurt her?? I picked her up from daycare yesterday and, while playing with her on the floor, I noticed a scratch and bruising on her neck. I had to take pause. I went through every possible scenario that would lead to that type of mark. Could it have been her coat zipper? No. I am always careful that doesn’t touch her skin because I believe it will be uncomfortable for her. Could it have been her seat belt? No. I am always careful not to let that rub against her skin to avoid just this situation. Could she have done it herself? No. I have never seen her scratching or rubbing her neck in any way. Could I have done it? No. the only time I am touching her neck is when I am wiping with a soft washcloth or her bib. So that leaves daycare…

I went in today and asked her teacher if she has ever seen her scratch or touch her neck. Her teacher confirmed she has never seen her near her neck at any time. I then showed her teacher one of the many pictures I took of the injury. She seemed surprised and stated she could not think how that may have happened. She stated she would definitely ask those who were in the room with her yesterday if they know anything about it. I thanked her and left her there for another day of care – “Mother of the Year Award” coming my way…

But what else was I to do? I expressed to her teacher, as I have before, how much I dislike the fact that there are so many people in and out of her room. I spoke with the director once before about this issue and have since seen that her favorite teacher has been staffed permanently in her room. However, when her teacher takes days off, goes to lunch, or leaves for the day before I have picked up, there is not a permanently scheduled person to cover her room. Her room is just left to whichever random face is walking around the building that day. That being bad enough, I have seen a great deal of turnover in this daycare, making the random faces that much more unfamiliar.

Obviously, this is not over. However, I have to wait and see what her teacher finds out through her asking around. From there I will decide whether or not I will file an official report/complaint with the center. I may leave the state complaint out of it…this time. I am also going to request to have a list of staff who covered her room when her teacher was not present sent to me each day so I will at least know who I am directing my questions and concerns to in the future.

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